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We offer professional affordable woocommerce management WordPress maintenance services, support by an experienced team. Meet our WordPress experts.

Let’s Dot Refl web experts do the heavy-lifting, it will help you to spend more time focusing on your leads, sales, and customers. Let us take care of maintaining your site and development projects.



Dot Refl makes updating websites easy for all small to large scale websites. We are offering complete range of management services from website updating to content posting and website security to SEO optimisation.

Standard hosting Management

We are providing standard shared hosting management. And SSL certificates fixing and installation. We keep your WordPress version up to date & data base optimisation with the most stable and recommended releases, and we backup and secure all websites.

Regular plugin & theme Updating

To ensure the security and continuity of your website on a recurring basis, we keep all theme files, plugins, and extensions up to date with the most recent releases.

Security & vulnerability protection

Hackers are a very real threat,When it comes to websites. We provide around-the-clock protection as well as regular vulnerability assessments to ensure that your — and your customers’ — data is always secure.

Website Backup

Weekly backups are now automated. We offer restore points to safeguard your website investment.

Malware cleaning & removal

Malware does exist, that is a fact. However, the .REFL team is available to clean up your site and get it back online as soon as possible, so you can get back to doing what you do best: serving customers.

Proper maintenance by experts

You can only go so far with automated analysis. REFL WordPress maintenance also employs real people to evaluate your site, providing a human touch that a machine cannot replicate.

Weekly Reports

Through our weekly reporting, we ensure that you are always up to date on the status of your website.

Up Time Monitoring

We make sure that if your website goes down, we can fix it right away.

Best Sugesstion

Get the most recent updates and suggestions about our website to help you achieve your goals.

Get everything you need to Grow online

Here’s the process to start with the Dot Refl Website Management Services


Choose your maintenance plan

Select the best plan for you. We provide a variety of recurring plans that are appropriate for a maintenance project. Contact us today to get started.


Meet your team

You’ll meet with the .Refl maintenance team to go over the details of your WordPress project. Security, SEO, and updates — whatever your WordPress site requires, our team is here to help.


Plan implementation

. The Refl team will get to work on your website maintenance project right away. We’ll work behind the scenes to make sure your site is running as smoothly as possible for you and your customers.


Ongoing maintenance services

. Refl is always available to handle any future issues, ensuring that your WordPress site is regularly maintained no matter what.

Don’t see what you’re looking for?


Website Management Package

Startup Package

$30 / Month

Business Package

$80 / Month

Business pro package

$100 / Month


We are extremely proud of every project we have completed for our clients. Every day, we’re pleased that our code and thorough testing have assisted our clients in running their businesses and attracting new customers.
Here’s what our customers think of our software development outsourcing services. We hope to see your name again in a few months!

We are a rapidly expanding company that wishes to provide high-quality & affordable website management service in order to foster client relationships while not sacrificing quality.

  1. Plugin updates and management on a recuring basis
  2. Theme updates to the most recent stable version of other plugin’s and page builders
  3. 30 minutes of troubleshooting, ensuring every update goes smoothly
  4. Ongoing accountability from FreshySites, ensuring your site is the most up to date as possible

Our WordPress maintenance plan can be customized for each client and website, depending on the client’s needs, size of the website, or complexity of functionality.

WordPress maintenance entails evaluating the functions and performance of a WordPress website, including plugin and theme functionality, to ensure it meets the most recent standards. We then make the necessary tweaks and fixes to bring it back up to speed.

Every WordPress website requires ongoing maintenance to ensure that it functions properly. Without it, your site may become slow or sluggish, or worse, vulnerable to hackers or malware. FreshySites WordPress maintenance protects you against any eventuality.

The length of each WordPress maintenance project varies depending on the size and scope of the task or problems at hand. Please contact us for a quote and information on our WordPress maintenance plans.

Certainly — no matter how many WordPress websites you have, we have the perfect pricing plan for you.

Yes! The .REFL team is knowledgeable and experienced in both WordPress and WooCommerce websites, and they are ready to get your WooCommerce website up and running.

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  • Unlimited WordPress Changes

  • Blog Post

  • (Max 1 In Week)
  • (Max 5 In Week)
  • (Max 30 In 30 days)
  • Woocommerce Product Uploading/Updating

  • (Max 2 In Week)
  • (Max 5 In Week)
  • (Max 30 In 30 days)
  • Theme & Plugin Updating

  • Website Security​

  • Free Managed Hosting ​

  • Website Design Update Changes​

  • Website Speed Optimization​

  • On Page SEO ​

  • Social Media Page Management ( Max 1 Post A Day)​

  • (Max 1 post A days)

  • Keywords Research​

  • Chat/Call Support ​

  • Future Design Update Suggestions ​