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Finding affordable social media management is the big challenge now a days. but Dot Refl will finish you findings here. Most businesses recognise the value of social media marketing and the numerous opportunities and benefits it provides to marketers. You’ve seen firsthand how social media can increase sales, foster customer relationships, raise brand awareness, and boost business credibility and reputation. All of this cannot be accomplished overnight; a comprehensive social media strategy is required. However, let us take a step back to recognise the significance of the person who creates these strategies, the Social Media Manager.


a model that's proven to win

We’ve unlocked a powerful model for winning social media management that produces incredible results for our clients. The combination of creativity, analysis, and execution enables us to deliver the high-quality work for which our social media management agency has become known.

How does .REFL accomplish this? We have a fantastic team of online creatives. We seek out the best talent in photography, design, fashion, and styling. We then pair them with our social media and content marketing experts. These are the people who have spent decades studying the algorithms that power every social media channel. After all, it’s pointless to create brilliant content if it’s going to be consumed by the social media news feed.

affordable social media management
affordable social media management

growth across all platfroms

accounts optimisation

Our team at DOT REFL understands how to manage every aspect of your social media profiles. We’re the social media management company you can trust to help you grow across all major platforms. Which of WeChat, Weibo, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook does your company require today?

Our affordable social media management  packages are built around providing exceptional value to your company, brand, and bottom line. The Eight Clients team covers all bases, from FMCGs to eCommerce, hotels and hospitality. To deliver scroll-stopping content, we understand the complexities of your business better than anyone else.

understand your business

let's start with a deep-dive session

DOT REFL is regarded as having one of the best social media management teams. We’ve earned this reputation by taking the time to truly understand your company.
We want to know everything about you, what you do, how you do it, and where you’re going. We’ll work with you to align your business goals and social media needs, and you’ll get to know our account managers well.

Our journey into social media management begins with a questionnaire that helps us understand your target audience, tone of voice, and brand identity. This data allows us to start designing the best social media solutions for you. This can be accomplished through a digital link or a face-to-face meeting between your team and .REFL
affordable social media management

Are you ready to begin your development or testing project? We are!

the process


out standing online visibility

Our content strategy always takes into account your current branding elements and social media personas.

We take your existing online success and amplify it with outstanding content created in accordance with best practise guidelines.

It’s a model that consistently increases our clients’ followers, engagement, and sales month after month, year after year.

social media management strategy

Our organic outreach will be an important part of your launch. This entails us manually engaging (commenting, liking, and messaging) with your key suppliers, groups, bloggers, and media accounts across all social media platforms. Our analytics and monitoring tools will also notify us when key accounts interact with you, ensuring that we never miss an opportunity to make a meaningful connection.

creative content that converts

We can begin creating your content once we have all agreed on your social media management strategy. Your visual style guide, which is based on your deliverables and strategy, will inspire your content.
What exactly do we mean by content? Anything that will touch your target audience. Photography, videography, graphic design, and written copy may all be included. We take everything into account, right down to the last detail. Have you ever considered the ideal caption lengths for specific days of the week? We don’t do anything else.
Yes, we are your agency that will optimise captions to increase engagement. This attention to detail has helped us become one of best social media management agencies.

Orignal Content related to brand

We keep you up to date on the activities that our social media management agency is carrying out for your company. We’ll consult with you at every step of the way to ensure that your content meets both your and our expectations. Our social media management team will only publish your content after you have approved the preview version that we show you.
Our social media management is based on your existing branding and user personas on social media. On top of that, we employ best practises from your industry as well as digital marketing trends that will shape the future.

the process

content publish

Publish your content online

Next, it’s time to put your content strategy into action. We will publish your approved social media content.
We’ll keep posting times dynamic within the agreed-upon dates as new data about the best times and days to post comes in. To maximise engagement, we post all of your content at strategically optimised times, formats, and dimensions. For example, we know that Wednesday 5:37 p.m. is the best time to post for one of our interior decoration clients. We’ll also measure and calculate the optimal timings for you.
We can also offer community management, in which we will show your customers extra love. Answering questions, starting conversations, and doing other things. The experts at keeping the conversation going are eight clients. Too often, brands excel at starting conversations but fail to sustain them. Our social media management is based on a long-term strategy that yields results over months and years, rather than a quick fix.

Inbound community managament

We are the social media management company that understands how to care for your existing fans and customers in addition to consistently performing outreach. We are committed to growing your audience while also providing meaningful content, communication, and connection with your existing online community.
This will be accomplished through constant account monitoring. We never overlook a like or comment! All incoming messages, comments, and interactions from people on your brand’s pages are referred to as inbound management. In everything we do, our social media management packages provide genuine value to your company and its customers.

the process

User reach

Ogranic outreach on social media

Organic outreach is a critical component of your social media management launch. This implies. The REFL team manually engages with your key suppliers, groups, bloggers, and media accounts across all social media platforms, commenting, liking, and messaging.
Our social media management company is based on analytics and monitoring tools. They’re critical to uncovering key insights and expanding your reach. We’ve spent years piecing together a unique set of social media metrics that provide our clients with unparalleled insight and understanding.
These tools also notify us when key accounts interact with you. This ensures that we never pass up an opportunity to connect with influential users and key industry figures. As a cutting-edge social media management firm, we understand the key to identifying exceptional opportunities that will lead to conversations.

ongoing optimisation and reporting

At DOT REFL, we believe that implementation is more than just blindly following the strategy we’ve devised. Rather, it’s about ensuring that it remains relevant and delivers. And we strive to entice and delight your audience and followers in everything we do.

Our social media management’s long-term success allows your accounts to constantly evolve and grow. In addition to consistent growth over time, we keep you up to date on changes in the social media landscape and consumer trends. With our assistance, you will never again lose visibility, traffic, or sales as a result of dreaded algorithm updates or out-of-date strategies.

Our social media management company employs a team of digital experts. As new data becomes available, we will continuously optimise and update your content, and we will evolve the resonance between your brand and your personas. We will keep you up to date on macro industry best practises as well as your specific social media learning to inform your next round of content.


We are extremely proud of every project we have completed for our clients. Every day, we’re pleased that our code and thorough testing have assisted our clients in running their businesses and attracting new customers.
Here’s what our customers think of our software development outsourcing services. We hope to see your name again in a few months!


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We are extremely proud of every project we have completed for our clients. Every day, we’re pleased that our code and thorough testing have assisted our clients in running their businesses and attracting new customers.
Here’s what our customers think of our software development outsourcing services. We hope to see your name again in a few months!